Rượu Whisky của Chúng Tôi

The Macallan Trilogy

Một phổ gồm tất cả các chất whisky mạch nha đơn cất của Macallan trong một dòng sản phẩm vô cùng trang nhã, với một chai rượu mạch nha đơn cất cho mỗi dịp.

Sherry Oak 12 Years Old


Một sản phẩm rượu mạch nha đơn cất cổ điển và phức hợp đậm chất Macallan.

Double Cask 12 Years Old


Một chai whisky mạch nha đơn cất hài hòa với đặc tính ấm áp.

Triple Cask Matured 12 Years Old


Một chai rượu mạch nha đơn cất nhẹ và sống động tràn đầy hương vị thanh mát.

The Story Behind The Macallan Trilogy

Một Trải Nghiệm Hương Vị Xuất Phát Từ Thùng Rượu

Our passion and expertise in bringing the best out of wood and spirit is embodied by our 12 year old Macallan expressions, which expose the individuality of cask selection and the distinctiveness of their flavours.

First came The Macallan Sherry Oak, widely referred to as the 'classic' Macallan, which offers a quintessential sherry oak cask experience. When matured exclusively in Oloroso sherry seasoned oak casks from Jerez, our spirit becomes rich, fruity and full bodied and is curated into a classic single malt range characterised by spice, dried fruits and mature oak. A depth of flavour develops through the range from 12 to 40 years old.

Then as The Macallan mastery of the union of spirit and wood developed further, the introduction of Triple Cask Matured (previously known as The Macallan Fine Oak) evolved the classic Macallan experience with a complex yet light combination of three cask types that deliver an easy and approachable style. This is a range that brings together whiskies matured in the three cask types of European Oak seasoned with sherry, American oak seasoned with sherry and American Bourbon casks.

Continuing our creative search for excellence led to the more recent creation of The Macallan Double Cask; taking the best of two worlds to balance the classic Macallan style with the sweet influence of sherry seasoned American oak.

Each with its own cask story and flavour profile, The Macallan Trilogy unveils the skill and craft of The Macallan Masters in a collection of cask led flavour experiences.