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Distil Your World

Together The Macallan and the Roca brothers set out to distil the essence of London, one of the cultural capitals of the world. Learn about the scents, sounds and places they drew from to create something completely unique, yet fully London.

How do you distil the essence of a place?

Distil Your World is our endeavor to document and share with the world how we seek knowledge and insight, how we understand what is happening to the planet and take inspiration from it. It's not about just being in a city or place, it is about immersing yourself, dedicating time to understand what is underneath everything you see.

The Macallan asked the question: can you distil a city? Together with the Roca brothers they explore this city's rich culture, its history, innovations and craftsmanship, and take inspiration for the world of gastronomy.


To extract the essence, the essential meaning, or most important aspects of something.


Why London?


London as Inspiration


A Unique Gastronomic Experience of London


An Experience Unique to London

The Roca brothers gastronomical experience will be featured at The Macallan Manor House at Rosewood London, where you will be able to enjoy our limited release Distil Your World London Single Cask, chosen by The Macallan Whisky Maker Steven Bremner.


Distil London Experiences


Distil Your World London Single Cask

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