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Nurturing our Estate

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A Rich and Varied Ecosystem

The Macallan Estate has been our home for almost 200 years. We have strong roots here, nurtured by a deep, natural accord with the rolling landscape that surrounds us and the abundance of life it supports.  

Our 485-acre Estate is home to a rich and varied natural ecosystem populated by over 60,000 trees and more than 70 species of wildlife, birds and fish, including seven identified European Protected Species such as red squirrels, badgers, otters and pine martens.


Nature on The Macallan Estate - a pine cone
Nature on The Macallan Estate - the River Spey

Nurtured by our Habitat Management Plan

Our relationship with farming, wildlife, water and forests are vital to our distillation process, and are a strong symbol of our enduring connection with nature. Our Habitat Management Plan oversees a rolling programme of protection, regeneration and enhancement projects that ensure the wildlife, landscape and ecology of our Estate flourishes for generations to come.  


Land Farmed since 1543

It is believed that the word Macallan comes from “Magh Ellan”, “Magh” means fertile strip of land, and history tells us that our Estate has been farmed since 1543, a tradition that continues to this day.  Almost 100 acres on our Estate are set aside for the careful tending, farming and harvest of our own variety of barley, unique to The Macallan.  

This precious crop is crafted into rare-spirit expressions and special editions of our single malt which honour our heritage and home of The Macallan, such as The Macallan Estate. It is our aim to achieve the highest independent certification for our Estate farmed barley by 2022 via the FSA standards Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform - Farm Sustainability 2.0 (SAIP).

The Distillery Bar

We Cherish Self-Sufficiency

By 2025, 100% of our passenger vehicle fleet on the Estate will be electric. As of today, we have converted 20% of our working Estate fleet and have supported this fleet with the install of 10 electric car chargers for complementary use by our teams and our guests.

In 2020, our Estate grounds team also realised our ambition to complete the creation of a market-garden providing seasonally grown local herbs and produce to supply the various chef and mixologist teams who cater for exclusive guest dining and bar experiences.
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The natural effluent from our distillation processes makes excellent crop fertiliser and is spread onto our Estate grown barley as a natural nutrient, while our pot ale and draff by-products are repurposed to create both animal feed and electricity via a local combined heat and power plant.  


Supporting Atlantic Salmon Conservation

Almost two miles of the majestic River Spey flows through our Estate on which The Macallan hosts an exclusive catch-and-release fishing beat operated by our Ghillie Robert Mitchell. The River Spey is renowned as one of the greatest salmon fishing rivers in the world, however, salmon numbers are in dramatic decline.  

We have reached a turning point for this keystone species and it is estimated that collectively we have 20 years to save the wild salmon in Scotland. But little is yet known about what happens to these salmon when they migrate to the ocean.  The situation has become critical and requires swift intervention to reverse population decline and promote the urgency of this issue worldwide.

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On the Spey and Beyond

For this reason, The Macallan supports the Atlantic Salmon Trust and the Spey Fishery Board in their critical research and project-work to protect this keystone species. 

The Atlantic Salmon Trust protects wild salmon and sea trout by tracking their migration across thousands of kilometers from their native dominions – such as the River Spey - to the open oceans. 

As a guardian of one of the last sanctuaries of Scottish salmon, we are supporting The Trust’s vital conservation work on the River Spey. We are also working in consultation with the Spey Fishery Board, Woodland Trust and North East Biodiversity Partnership to undertake projects that will protect and enhance important tributary habitats and locations along the stretch of the River Spey running through our Estate.

The Macallan Distillery

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