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Sustainability: Second Nature

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Jun 03 2021 · 4 min read

Since 1824, sustainability has been a constant guiding principle at the heart of everything we do.  

This sustainability mindset is a bond of trust and a force that binds us through a deep-level of shared purpose as citizens of the world. It informs our decisions, aligning with our commitment to a positive and sustainable future for the incomparable legacy that we have inherited and will pass on to the generations who follow us.


Nature on The Macallan Estate Red Squirrel in a Tree in The Autumn Winter

Building A Legacy of Positive Action

Our aspiration is to create a better future for generations to come. Through our quest for deeper knowledge and action, we are determined to leave the world a better place than we found it by continuing to make decisions that consider the long-term impact of everything that we do.


Nature on The Macallan Estate - a red squirrel

Nurturing Our Estate

The Macallan story begins on our 485-acre Estate, an area of exceptional natural beauty that supports a rich and varied ecosystem which we carefully protect.

This encompasses everything from our Habitat Management Plan, which ensures the protection and enhancement of the many species of wildlife and plants, to our commitment to making the Estate passenger vehicle fleet 100% electric by 2025.
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Distilling Inspired by Nature

Our relationship with farming, water and forests is vital to our time-honoured whisky making process that is truly sustainable by design.

Everything we do at our Distillery has custodianship and long term vision at its heart. Fusing traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art engineering, our brand home allows us to achieve exceptional water and energy efficiency rates. Natural by-products from our distillation process are repurposed, and 80% of our energy comes from renewable and non-fossil fuel sources, with targets to be fully carbon neutral by 2030.
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Shot of Inside the Distillery
The Macallan Sustainable packaging bottle stopper

Progressive Packaging Principles

For years we have worked with a quiet dedication to evolve packaging and material- sourcing principles that will minimise our environmental impact and make the recycling of our distinctive packaging as seamless as possible for our consumers.

We are committed to sourcing sustainable materials, only using recyclable or sustainable materials in our packaging. Alongside this is the creation of a local sourcing policy; outlining that if a required skill or material can be found locally, then it will be sourced locally, and if not we will widen our search outward geographically until the resource is found.
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Sustainable Supply Networks

We are committed to sustaining the forests where we source the wood for our casks and the fields where we source our barley.

This means that 100% of our barley is sourced from the UK via suppliers farming crops to the highest independent certification of ‘Gold’ Standard with SAIP (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform and the Farming Sustainability Assessment) and who themselves are registered with either the Red Tractor or SQC assurance scheme (Scottish Quality Cereals).

Our exceptional oak casks are the single greatest contributor to the character of our whisky. As such, we invest more time, effort and resources in wood than any other single malt, and are continuously investigating how to make this process more sustainable.
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The Macallan Casks resting in warehouse
Nature on The Macallan Estate

Giving Back

The Macallan has thrived for nearly 200 years as a local brand with a global presence. This is because of the remarkable communities which continue to support us both at home in Scotland and around the world. Consequently, giving back to our communities has always been fundamental to who we are.

In 2020, our Giving Back auction at Sotheby’s, of a set of The Macallan Red Collection raised £756,400 which we donated to City Harvest London to fund 2.5m meals for vulnerable people and families in the capital

In 2021, we will undertake a further two Giving Back charitable auctions. The proceeds from one will be donated to a local Speyside charitable organisation. Our employees are also encouraged to become actively involved in charitable causes via our Giving Back Volunteering Programme.
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The Macallan Distillery

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