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Craftsmanship, Creativity and Collaboration

The Reach

The oldest whisky released by The Macallan, this extraordinarily rare single malt whisky celebrates the artisanship that it took to craft it — from 1940 to today.

  • The Macallan The Reach single malt whisky
    The Macallan The Reach in cabinet

    The Reach


An Enduring Spirit

Capturing this expression’s enduring spirit, this release is celebrated by Scottish band Mogwai whose original musical composition echoes the passion, dedication and skill that mastering a creative output requires.

The film is created by renowned Photographer, Artist and Director Nadav Kander who visited The Macallan Estate and the wider Speyside landscape to shoot the surrounding nature, whisky and people who played a part in this narrative.

Time is a beautiful construct. As humans with an average life of, let's say, 75 years, we see time at a certain cadence. Like a slow beating drum. A tree or a turtle might feel that drum to be beating far slower, but not with any less meaning. How much has happened on this planet since 1940 to the present in 2022, and in the cosmos far beyond our world too. What a beautiful thought to ponder. Beautiful in that, even though much suffering has taken hold in that time, much goodness has happened too. The beauty is held in a thought or a feeling, that time has witnessed life just as it has witnessed death - and both are acceptable, necessary and therefore normal.

Nadav Kandar Photographer
The Macallan The Reach with Sculptor Saskia

A Reflection of Rarity

The Reach is presented in unique packaging brought together by a collective of skilled artisans. Encapsulating the theme of collaboration, each detail has been meticulously thought through and represents the work of many hands that brought this whisky to life.

Sculptor Saskia Robinson created three hands to cradle the mouth-blown glass decanter, which is indented with subtle fingerprints that match the hands that hold it. Housed in a specially-designed cabinet, this packaging is a work of art in and of itself.