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The Reach PDP


The Reach

An 81 years old whisky distilled in 1940, this spirit is crafted from a single, sherry-seasoned oak cask and is the oldest expression released by The Macallan to date.


Created during a turbulent time for The Macallan and the world, The Reach is testament to our history, ingenuity and unmistakable strength of character.

The work of many hands, The Reach itself has been a truly collaborative effort. 

Liquid History

The Reach single malt Scotch whisky was drawn from a single cask in which it has matured for the past 81 years. Its peaceful existence contrasts the turbulent time when it was distilled in 1940. Slowly maturing over eight decades, its triumphant release allows us, in the present age, to reach back in history to that difficult time.

While the deep auburn liquid has a gentle smoothness, in keeping with The Macallan’s signature taste, the complexity of its profile offers an array of flavours. There is a rich, sweet smokiness, attributable to the peat used when malting the barley and firing the stills during this period in time. The smoky note is subtle but unmistakable, complemented with antique oak.

To work on The Reach has most definitely been one of the highlights of my career – it’s hard to put into words how truly special this whisky is.

Kirsteen Campbell The Macallan's Master Whisky Maker
The Details


Testament to our commitment to incomparable craftsmanship, the extraordinary and unique packaging of The Reach has been brought together by a collective of Scottish artisans. The handcrafted quartet of liquid, glass, bronze and wood all housed in a specially-designed cabinet is a fitting tribute to a very special whisky.

This dark and burnished single malt is housed in a mouth-blown glass decanter, cradled by three bronze hands created by Scottish sculptor Saskia Robinson and featuring three individual fingerprint impressions of the hands that hold it high. The three hands pass an implicit nod to the decades that passed during the maturation of the whisky.

One hand commemorates the distillery workers of 1940 who crafted the spirit in challenging times. Another is the hand of once chairman of The Macallan, Allan Shiach, whose grandfather headed the company when this spirit was first consigned to its cask. The third is that of Master Whisky Maker, Kirsteen Campbell, who carefully selected the special cask used to create The Reach, and who decided that now was the time to release this exquisite whisky.
Discover the Collaboration

  • Colour

    Deep auburn.

  • Nose

    Dark chocolate, sweet cinnamon, aromatic peat, plums, leather, pink grapefruit, redcurrant jelly and a rich resinous note.

  • Palate

    Treacle toffee, bramble jam, licorice, crystalised ginger, nutmeg, charred pineapple, pecans and woodsmoke.

  • Finish

    Intensely rich, sweet and smoky.

  • ABV


The Macallan The Reach Pack by John Galvin

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