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In Collaboration with Andrew Davidson

9D1B70C0-3B5A-44B1-9424-A8CA9A857B34@2x Aug 24 2021 · 3 min watch

There are some stories that deserve to be told in such a way that conveys the weight and worth of the tale. Such is the case for Tales of The Macallan: Volume I, illustrated by Andrew Davidson. 


Andrew Davidson is a British illustrator and artist, who uses traditional engraving printing methods to bring his designs to life. Each print is the result of hours of meticulous work, built upon decades of dedication to his craft.

Davidson shares that he has learned to listen to the work, and to wait for the images hidden inside each piece of wood to reveal themselves. 

I'm just here to listen to what they have to say and let them emerge between light and shadow.

Andrew Davidson

About Andrew Davidson

Andrew Davidson studied Graphic Design at Norwich School of Art and then at the Royal College of Art in London (1982).

He is known for his craftsmanship using traditional engraving printing methods with results that cannot be replicated with any other technology. This gives his work an unmistakable signature. His  illustrations are printed onto French and Japanese made paper, using carved wooden blocks and his prized press print from the 1800s. He sees himself as much as a designer as an illustrator. 

Davidson’s work has been used extensively over the years, from the UK’s Royal Mail postage stamps and designs for the glass doors at Wimbledon’s Centre Court, to illustrations for the book covers of the Harry Potter series. 

Carefully sketching, carving, pressing and printing each design, his work is reflective of our own dedication and commitment to mastery. From acorn to cask, and grain to spirit, each step is considered and given the time it needs.


Tales of The Macallan Volume I

Larger than the Sum of its Parts 

This collaboration goes beyond the work of Andrew Davidson and The Macallan. To create the beautiful packaging to house the precious whisky, we partnered with Shepherd’s Bookbinders, English heritage bookmakers who specialise in fine bookbinding and manuscript conservation. We also collaborated with renowned crystal makers Lalique, who have been creating glass crystal art since 1888.

When they told me about the international breadth and the distinction of this project, I just had to be part of it... The Macallan put together a team of the highest potential to help them tell the story of their origins. I joined multiple masters in this journey of creation.

Andrew Davidson

Each respective craft is rooted in time honoured traditions, using techniques handed down through generations and still alive today. As a nod to The Macallan’s own rich heritage, the thistles, barley, and Scottish flowers on the cover of the book act as a tribute to the land and our close ties to nature. 

The result is a volume of stories that share part of our deep and varied history, set on Easter Elchies Estate in Speyside, where The Macallan legacy began back in 1543.

The Laird of Easter Elchies

In Collaboration