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Masters Learning from Masters

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Jul 06 2021 · 5 min read

The Macallan and Bentley Motors are united by a long-term vision of a more sustainable future and our shared dedication to innovation and excellence. While this partnership recognises the provenance and deep heritage rooted in both brands, the focus is set on looking forward together to collaborate on innovative products, immersive experiences and captivating storytelling.  


Sustainability at the Heart

As pioneers in our respective fields, we are already changing how we operate today to achieve a better tomorrow. Custodianship and an awareness of how the decisions we make today will impact  the decades and even centuries to come has always been at the core of our mindset and actions. Whether it is choosing to invest in our wood journey or our refusal to compromise in the face of global pressure, our past is marked by characters who chose to uphold the integrity of our craft and values. 

Today, this  constant guiding principle and mindset  is at the heart of everything we do, and is reflected in our values of mastery, craftsmanship and uncompromising excellence. It is a force that binds our brand with our consumers and our communities through a deeper level of shared purpose. 

We have found a like-minded pioneering spirit in Bentley Motors, who have their own history of innovation and a vision that has shaped their brand since its founding.

This unique global brand partnership with Bentley Motors is based on a shared vision of sustainability and will enable us to exchange learning and expertise with a fellow pioneering brand in this area. Our esteemed brands share the same values of mastery, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation.

Igor Boyadjian, Managing Director for The Macallan
Casks in The Macallan Distillery for Bentley Partnership
Bentley Factory for The Macallan Partnership

About Bentley Motors 

Bentley Motors was founded in London in 1919 and quickly rose to fame in the world of motorsports  following five wins at Le Mans 24hr between 1924 and 1930, before carving out an unmatched position at the pinnacle of the automotive sector, able to combine luxury and performance in a unique and unrivalled way. 

For over 100 years, Bentley has defined grand touring and is now undergoing the biggest transformation in its history to become the global leader in sustainable luxury mobility.

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Firm Foundations

Sustainability, creativity and innovation are instrumental for both The Macallan and Bentley Motors and the opportunity to share learnings with a fellow pioneering brand in these areas lies at the heart of our partnership. 

Four cornerstones lay the framework for The Macallan’s sustainability strategy: 

  • Fostering sustainable progress in the communities around us to help create a positive society;
  • Nurturing and promoting custodianship of The Macallan Estate to protect Easter Elchies for future generations; 
  • Balancing the luxury nature of our single malt whiskies with the protection of the planet by using responsible packaging;  
  • Partnering with sustainable suppliers to sustain the forests and fields where we source our wood and barley.

We were recently awarded the Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury, a globally recognised sustainability accreditation, in recognition of our commitment to sustainability across key areas including innovation, environmental performance, and community development.

On The Macallan Estate, we have committed to ensuring that 20% of our Estate passenger vehicle fleet will be electric by the end of 2021 and will realise our goal of a 100% electric passenger fleet by 2025. 80% of The Distillery’s energy comes from renewable and non-fossil fuel sources and we are set to be carbon neutral by 2030, a decade ahead of our industry’s (Scotch Whisky Association) target. 

This commitment extends to our packaging. 100% of our transit packaging and 98% of our product packaging meet our sustainable materials sourcing standards, using only sustainable or recycled packaging- and it is our aim to bring this 98% to a full 100% by 2025. 

The Macallan has also created a local sourcing policy. This outlines if a required skill or material can be found locally, then we will source it locally, widening our circle geographically outwards as needed until the material or skill is acquired.  

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The Macallan Distillery at Night

Bentley Motors’ Dedication to Sustainability

Bentley Motors has been bold in its sustainability intentions with its home, the Bentley Motors headquarters in Crewe, England becoming the world’s first carbon neutral luxury car factory in 2019. It is the first car company to be re-accredited with the Carbon Trust Triple Standard for Carbon, Water and Waste and currently over 30,000 solar panels provide up to 40% of the site’s electricity requirements. 

Bentley Motors have set out their Beyond 100 strategy, outlining their vision to become the most sustainable luxury automotive company. The fully holistic plans outline their ambitious targets to become end to end carbon neutral by 2030. 

The target is driven by a transformation programme across Bentley Motors’ entire operations, people and products. This includes switching its model range to offer exclusively plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicles by 2026, and full electric vehicles only by 2030.

Following the partnership with Bentley Motors and taking the next step on our own sustainability journey, we will house a Bentley Bentayga on The Macallan Estate, featuring plug-in hybrid technology, with the aim of having a fully electric passenger vehicle fleet on the Estate by 2025.

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A Unified Vision

We seek to harness partnerships with organisations that share a common purpose, and Bentley Motors’ innovation and sustainability vision echoes that of our own. 

United by a dedication to craftsmanship, creativity and innovation, together we will embark on an extraordinary journey by sharing learnings in sustainability, while continuing to pursue uncompromised excellence.