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In Collaboration with Sir Peter Blake

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A Natural Partnership

Collaborating with Sir Peter Blake for almost four decades, our mutual regard for excellence has forged a natural partnership.

We hold a deep appreciation for the time it takes to establish, nurture, and protect heritage as well as a desire to produce iconic creations and legendary pieces, and these values of timelessness are mirrored in both the character and work of renowned artist Sir Peter Blake.


I’ve always been excited to play a role in telling The Macallan’s story. I suppose it’s almost as if I’m part of the family now.

Sir Peter Blake

A Rich History of Art and Whisky

Our collaboration with Sir Peter Blake began in 1986 when he designed a label for a set of twelve 1926 60 Years Old single malts.

The label artwork in Blake’s signature style reflects the time that the sherry-seasoned cask was laid down to patiently mature at our Distillery during the 1920s. 

Sir Peter Blake with The eight Decades of The Macallan Collection

In 2012 we collaborated again to celebrate 80 years of Sir Peter Blake.

The resulting piece of art is like a treasure trove of colour and stories, containing eight whisky miniatures, each with a label reflecting a particular decade of Sir Peter Blake’s life, surrounded by intricate artwork representing our whisky making process. 

Meet Sir Peter Blake

Sir Peter Blake is a modest but ever-present embodiment of one of the Twentieth Century’s great cultural movements. His Pop Art creations define enduring iconoclasm, as he challenges established ways of thinking and the perception of art. His signature way with type, collage, photography and colour prompts the viewer to see things in new ways. The genius is in juxtaposition, where startling contrasts present characters and contexts in fresh light.

Over the decades, Sir Peter Blake’s unique and timeless signature style has transcended fashion, music, and various art movements.

Anecdotes of Ages Collection

For our latest collaboration, the whisky was carefully selected by Lead Whisky Maker Sarah Burgess, and the art labels that Sir Peter Blake created are of the finest caliber, uniting once again whisky making and the world of art. 

Each of the 13 labels represents unique stories and showcase our history, our community, and the beautiful natural landscape of The Macallan Estate. 

The exceptional 1967 whisky was chosen for its classic yet distinctly colorful character, representative of Sir Peter Blake’s unique character and the year that his collage style transcended the art world into pop culture.


In Collaboration with Laura Winningham

In Collaboration with Javi Aznarez