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In Collaboration with Mogwai

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Creativity and passion can transcend generations. 

The oldest whisky we have released, The Reach reflects the work of many hands and a true collaborative effort. To mirror the dedication that it takes to craft something truly beautiful, Scottish band Mogwai brought this release to life with an original score composed and recorded especially for The Reach. 

Mogwai musicians together


This talented group of musicians and songwriters from Scotland have released ten studio albums, two live albums, seven soundtrack albums plus five compilation albums that features a "best of", two lots of remixes, rarities and a BBC Radio John Peel Sessions album and a plethora of singles and extended players.


Crafted during a turbulent time in our history, The Reach represents the passion and care required to nurture a unique and precious spirit, and is testament to our history, ingenuity and unmistakable strength of character. While such incomparable craftsmanship has persevered to the present day, The Reach also celebrates the hands that continue its legacy today and into the future. 

Dominic Aitchison, Stuart Braithwaite, Martin Bulloch and Barry Burns formed Mogwai back in 1995, a group of talented musicians and songwriters from Scotland that have gone on to release ten studio albums and were nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2021.

Their most recent album released in February 2021 ‘As The Love Continues' secured the band their first UK Album Charts Number 1 and their first Billboard US Album Sales Chart Top 10 along with being shortlisted as one of Hyundai Mercury Music Prizes "Album of the Year". 


Concert at The Macallan Estate

In July 2022 Mogwai played a concert at The Macallan Estate, in our Distillery overlooking the hills of Speyside.


One of the things that I like about collaborations is meeting different people - even if they work in a completely different world like making whisky you see how they process their art, their work. We as a band have longevity as a value and this and the Scottishness are definitely things that we share with The Macallan.



In collaboration with Mogwai, renowned Photographer, Artist and Director Nadav Kander visited The Macallan Estate and the wider Speyside area to capture  the surrounding nature, whisky and people who played a part in the story of this special single malt. 

Set to Mogwai’s score, Kander’s film captures the passing of time and conveys the enduring spirit of The Reach.

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The oldest whisky released by The Macallan, The Reach is an 81 years old single-malt whisky distilled in 1940, crafted from a single, sherry seasoned oak cask. This dark and burnished single malt is housed in a mouth-blown glass decanter, cradled by three bronze hands created by Scottish sculptor Saskia Robinson. The three hands pass an implicit nod to the decades that passed whilst the single malt matured.


Sculpted by Scottish artist Saskia Robinson, the bronze sculpture that cradles the precious decanter is a symbolic nod to the hands that brought the whisky to life. 

One hand represents the distillery workers of 1940 who overcame hardships and adversity to protect this spirit, the second is Allan Shiach; former Chairman of The Macallan and the grandson of Dr Allan Shiach who ran the distillery in 1940. The third is that of Kirsteen Campbell; The Macallan’s Master Whisky Maker who decided that now is the time to share this precious whisky with the world, at 81 years old.  

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