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In Collaboration with Erica Dorn

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Nov 15 2021 · 4 min read

Some changes are worthy of special celebration. Celebrating the Scottish New Year, known as Hogmanay, A Night on Earth in Scotland is a release that embraces the changing of the year, a time of joy to gather and celebrate with friends and loved ones. 

This distinct release was created in collaboration with Japanese-French illustrator Erica Dorn. Her artwork has featured in Wes Anderson’s films, and her playful, abstract illustrations adorn the unique packaging of A Night on Earth in Scotland.


Gathered around the Warming Fire

Erica’s illustrations are inspired by the historic fire rituals that continue to be central to New Year celebrations around the world. 


Fire plays a significant role in New Year celebrations around the world. Around its warmth we gather our families, friends, and loved ones to share past memories and future hopes. Though the fire rituals may differ from culture to culture, fire is universal in its ability to unite us and bring us ‘home'.

Erica Dorn Illustrator

The colours that adorn the presentation box were selected with a particular meaning in mind. Red was selected for merriment, vitality, good fortune and joy; blue as a reminder of a winter evening in Scotland, in all its peace and stillness.

Amber was chosen in tribute to the sweet aroma of soft butter and freshly baked shortbread, which were an inspiration for The Macallan Lead Whisky Maker, Sarah Burgess in the creation of this whisky.

Celebration of Tradition

The designs also reveal some of the distinctive customs of Scotland’s Hogmanay celebrations, including the act of ‘first footing’ where it is good luck for a dark-haired visitor to be the first person to cross the threshold of your home after the stroke of midnight. 

According to tradition, the ‘first footer’ will carry three things: shortbread, whisky and coal for the fire. Each gift is designed to bring comfort and happiness to your home for the rest of the year.

A Night On Earth In Scotland

This limited edition whisky was crafted from a selection of American and European oak sherry seasoned casks, along with American ex-bourbon barrels to deliver its rich, sweet shortbread-like character.

With a soft, velvety mouthfeel, it showcases the skill of The Macallan Lead Whisky Maker, Sarah Burgess.

The Macallan in collaboration with Erica Dorn for A Night on Earth in Scotland

Meet Erica Dorn

Illustrator, designer and art director Erica Dorn grew up in Japan but studied graphic design in London, where she is now based.

She is part of writer and director Wes Anderson’s film-making team, and has worked on recent titles including “The Isle of Dogs”, spending two years handcrafting props, and the newly released film “The French Dispatch”.

The Gift

As part of the collaboration, Erica has also produced a creative campaign that showcases other expressions that make the perfect gift for friends and family, including The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old, The Macallan Sherry Oak 25 Years Old, The Macallan Estate and The Macallan Classic Cut 2020 Edition. 

Discover the Gift

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