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The Laird of Easter Elchies

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Throughout history, it is the actions of pioneers that lay the foundation for centuries to come. Tales of The Macallan Volume I, Laird of Easter Elchies pays homage to one such pioneer in our history: Captain John Grant. In 1700 he realised the potential of Easter Elchies Estate and transformed the landscape, the land that has been home to The Macallan Distillery since 1824. 

This is his story.

Tales of the Macallan Volume I Book etchings
Tales of the Macallan Volume I etchings by Andrew Davidson of eagle

We have collaborated with renowned Scottish violinist, Nicola Benedetti, to tell the story of Captain John Grant and Tales of The Macallan Volume I.

Retracing the steps of John Grant, Nicola journeys over the rolling landscape towards Easter Elchies House, performing her contemporary, original score in celebration of his memory. Watch as she follows in his footsteps, through the majestic natural landscapes of The Macallan Estate.


The Garden of Elchies 

John Grant was born in 1659 somewhere on the banks of the River Spey. In his youth he joined the military, becoming a captain and contributing to the war effort. 

 The Grant’s had owned the land, now home to The Macallan, since 1543. Upon his return from war, John's vision and determination transformed the wild landscape he had inherited from his ancestors into the ‘garden of Elchies’; the birthplace of The Macallan.

John worked the land to cultivate perfect conditions for growing barley, a common crop of the day and an essential ingredient required to distil whisky. 

Tales of the Macallan Volume I bottle drawing by Lalique crystal
Tales of the Macallan Volume I book design by Shepherds bookbinders mood shot with candle

A Whisky Tribute to the Laird

The rare single malt whisky that is Tales of The Macallan Volume I was crafted by The Macallan Lead Whisky Maker, Sarah Burgess, as a tribute to Captain John Grant’s life.

“His contribution paved the way for The Macallan and brought the influence of nature and community spirit to our single malt. As custodians of the Estate, we are continuously inspired by our environment, upholding our responsibility to nurture and protect the wonderful natural habitat that is home to our Distillery. Respect for nature and community spirit are embedded in everything we do.” 

Encased in a bespoke handcrafted Lalique crystal decanter, this exceptional single malt is concealed within an extraordinary almanac book. A true work of art, each chapter tells the story of John Grant and features beautiful illustrations by renowned illustrator, Andrew Davidson. 

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Tales of the Macallan Volume I Mood Shot bottle in open book by Lalique Crystal

The Collaborators 

A culmination of craftsmanship, Tales of The Macallan Volume I is a collaboration of supreme artistry from Andrew Davison, Lalique and Shepherds Bookbinders. 

Renowned British illustrator and artist, Andrew Davidson is known for his craftsmanship using traditional engraving and printing methods. Our collaboration has brought his unique artistry to this remarkable whisky release.

United by a dedication to craftsmanship and creativity, together we created a collection of hand-crafted illustrations depicting Captain John Grant's story. The exceptional single malt is encapsulated in a unique Lalique crystal decanter, also etched with his beautiful illustrations.

Shepherds Bookbinders is one of the oldest bookbinding companies in England. They specialise in fine binding, restoration and the conservation of books and manuscripts.

The traditional bookbinders crafted the unique Tales of The Macallan Volume I almanac, which conceals the exquisite Lalique whisky decanter within its pages and is hand-crafted using rich leather and 24ct gold leaf. 

Combining craft, innovation and mastery, all of these expert artisans have collaborated to honour Captain John Grant’s story. They embody our shared values of mastery, creativity and craftsmanship, and a dedication to uncompromised excellence.

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Easter Elchies House: An Enduring Legacy

Captain John Grant’s labours helped to sustain a small farming community on the Estate and surrounding area. In 1700, he extended and refurbished Easter Elchies House, which sits high on a hillside overlooking the River Spey and today is the Spiritual Home of The Macallan

John Grant’s strong sense of place and deep respect for nature, as well as his honourable community spirit, live on through The Macallan today.

Tales of The Macallan Volume I

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