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A Prism into the World of The Macallan

E600CA23-A5CF-4F30-BC0F-7E8B830451E0@2x Jun 20 2022 · 4 min read

The Macallan M and M Black hold a place of distinction within The Macallan range, celebrating our foundational Six Pillars and embodying the mastery, creativity and character that defines The Macallan’s extraordinary single malt whisky. Joining them to form The Macallan M Collection, M Copper pays tribute to the unique copper stills used by The Macallan since its founding in 1824.

These Six Pillars comprise Natural Colour, Mastery, Curiously Small Stills, The Estate, Exceptional Oak Casks and Sherry Wine.

The Macallan M Collection M Copper

The Macallan M Copper, 2022 Release

With a natural colour of spun gold, M Copper is a vibrant and elegant expression. This release pays tribute and is a reflection of the Curiously Small Stills that remain essential to the crafting of our precious spirit to this day. Not only a defining feature of the distillation process, they also represent a pivotal moment in whisky-making history - as when most distilleries moved to larger, higher production copper stills, The Macallan focused on exceptional quality by continuing to use the small stills that create our unique spirit. Their distinctive shape and size help to concentrate the new make spirit, creating its rich, robust character.

M Copper has a buttery, viscous mouth coating with a fruity character and a hint of sweet malty flavour. A handcrafted Lalique copper coloured crystal decanter represents the stills and reflects our dedication to innovation while holding to our time honoured processes.

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The Macallan M 2022 Release

The Macallan M embodies Natural Colour, reflecting our dedication to mastery and craftsmanship. We are committed to using the finest, 100% natural ingredients and exceptional sherry seasoned oak casks. A rare spirit epitomising transparency, the whisky glistens in a handcrafted Lalique crystal decanter. The six facets of the decanter reflect and refract light, bringing the dark, burnished whisky to life.

M was matured in a small number of hand-selected casks, proudly showcasing our rich Natural Colour, while the transparent decanter reflects honesty as there is no artificial colouring. Prolonged contact with the sherry seasoned oak casks have burnished the deep and brooding single malt; The Macallan M presents a chord of rich flavour notes. With an amber hue, M reveals the Distillery’s classic sherry seasoned, full-flavoured character imparting notes of chocolate, rich dried fruit and spice.

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The Macallan M Black 2022 Release

M Black represents our dedication to Mastery and unwavering trust and confidence in our  craft. This release marries hints of peat to the unmistakable, signature Macallan character. Rare, black ended casks holding peated spirit have been meticulously selected by the Whisky Mastery Team who have continued to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship to create this unique expression. 

The spirit matured in the sherry seasoned oak casks has gathered depth and distinction over time. The handcrafted Lalique black crystal decanter reflects the peat smoke within the whisky and the confidence which drives us as the Whisky Makers boldly marry classic Macallan notes with peated whisky.

Black Lalique crystal, one of the most complex materials in the glass blower's repertoire, has been used to house the precious spirit - requiring far greater skill and time to produce. A subtly smoky expression, it displays a rich natural colour of golden sunrise and is a harmonious balance of The Macallan’s classic character with an unexpected peated note, resulting in a complex single malt to savour. 

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The Macallan M Collection M by Nick Knight

Shot by Nick Knight

Fashion Photographer and Film Director, Nick Knight is among the world’s most influential and visionary image makers. Over the past three decades he has consistently challenged conventional notions of beauty and is fêted for his groundbreaking creative collaborations with leading designers and music artists.

He captured these releases in fire and ice, bringing to life the distinct spirit of each single malt.

The Macallan invited me to collaborate on creating a visual world for their iconic M Collection of single malt whiskies. I was excited to work with a company who clearly wanted to give me creative freedom and embrace the abstract and expressionistic style I chose for this project.

Nick Knight Photographer

Pushing the Limits of Design

The M Collection is a testament to the custodians who have guarded and treasured the exceptional oak casks and their precious contents for generations. This is reflected in the whisky decanters, designed by Fabien Baron, whose vision combines aesthetic expression with commercial art in its finest form. Housed in hand blown  crystal glass decanters, Legendary French house Lalique has been leading French glass making since 1888 and is a master in the art of glass making.

There could be no better expression of single malt and contemporary crystal glassware to complement one another. Distinction deserves celebration, and these remarkable single malts hold a special place, both in their unique whisky, and the breathtaking decanters that contain them. 

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