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In Collaboration with David Carson

9D1B70C0-3B5A-44B1-9424-A8CA9A857B34@2x May 14 2021 · 3 min watch

It is never too late to follow your passions. This sentiment comes to life through the creative work of acclaimed contemporary graphic designer David Carson, who discovered this artistic field as a second career. His distinctive graphic style adorns the label of Concept Number 3.

This collection fuses the artistry and expertise behind our whisky making with creativity and culture. Carson points to two spaces where he gets into his ‘zone’, losing sense of time and place and just being in the moment: when he is out surfing and when he is working on his art. 


Discovering Graphic Design

Originally a teacher and competitive surfer, David Carson didn’t come to work in graphic design until his late 20s. After taking a two-week workshop he knew that this was what he wanted to pursue, and from that point on, everything shifted. When working on Concept Number 3 Carson was influenced by his time spent at The Macallan Estate working alongside Whisky Maker Polly Logan.

The best work comes from trusting your intuition and your gut, and what your heart is telling you

David Carson

A Collaboration Built On Creativity

David Carson drew inspiration from our close connection to nature and sense of place in our home in Speyside, Scotland. He was also inspired by the craftsmanship that goes into making our oak casks, bringing them to life in a new graphic interpretation found on the packaging of Concept Number 3.

He notes: “The bold red tones in the collage were inspired by the striking red of the paint with which some of the sherry seasoned oak casks are labelled with - these are called Red Enders. For me, the colour red also corresponds to the sweeter spices found in this whisky; namely, cinnamon and ginger.

The overall dark blue hue of the artwork reminded me of the mesmerising River Spey as it meanders across The Macallan Estate. In my mind, the blue is also reminiscent of the casings where the samples are stored which are the same shade of blue.”

Concept Number 3 is a celebration of this creativity, artistry and inspiration found on our Estate and David’s time spent on the California Coast. 


The Concept Series


The Creativity and Craftsmanship of Concept Number 3